Customer focused excellence is a value, embedded in the beliefs and behaviours of high–performing Organisations. Customer is an actual or potential user of your products or services. Customers include the end users of your products, as well as others who are immediate purchasers or users, such as organisations that uses your product as an input in their processes. Customer focus should be a factor in developing and integrating your organisation's strategic directions.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in 2016, institutionalized 'CII Award for Customer Obsession' for promoting a Customer Obsession Culture among Indian Industry. The Award recognise Customer Centric organisations where Customer is at the Centre of all that they do. The program also helps organisations to understand various elements that are critical for delivering superior customer experience across the value chain. The award program is based on the requirements of the 'CII IQ Excellence Framework for Managing Customer Experience'.

The Assessment is carried out based on the requirements of the CII IQ Excellence Framework for Managing Customer Experience and Scoring guidelines. The comprehensive, rigorous assessment is designed in line with internationally practiced assessment processes, further strengthened by leveraging the vast experience of CII in administering different awards including the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence in India since 1994. Participants will gain immensely from this assessment, with a highly value adding, future focused actionable feedback, to drive the customer experience to the next higher orbit.


  • Promote Customer Centric Culture across the value chain
  • Recognise Customer Centric Organisations for their practices and performance
  • Transform from a Product Centric to a Customer Centric organisation
  • Build organisations that are obsessed with Customer Experience, delivering value adding, positive experience to customers
  • Promote "Customer First" approach in all its actions and demonstrate “Customer Obsession” culture across the value chain
  • Promote adoption of 'CII IQ Excellence Framework for Managing Customer Experience'