recognition levels


There are three levels of recognition, starting from the Recognition for Customer Engagement, and going up to the Award for Customer Obsession. The three levels from highest to lowest are:

These three levels demonstrates the characteristics of a customer centric organisation at different degrees of maturity on two dimensions: 1) Customer Focused Practices & Performance: 2) Customer Focused Culture, as represented in the Customer Obsession Pyramid structure.

1. Focusing On Active Customer Engagement

Initially, organisation focuses on building customer engagement practices that continuously add value by understanding, anticipating and fulfilling customer needs, expectations and opportunities. They create appropriate engagement mechanisms at all levels of the organisation and at all stages of customer lifecycle.

2. Building A Customer Centric Organisation

Organisations that have institutionalised appropriate systems and practices for actively engaging with customers, transition from being product centric to a customer centric organisation where customer is centre to all that they do, and plan to do in future. Active customer engagements get translated into value adding, innovative offerings and create a positive experience through the involvement of all their stakeholders across the value chain. Customer centricity becomes a way of
life for such organisations.

3. Embedding Customer Obsession As A Culture Across The Value Chain

Organisations embrace “Customer First” approach in their value chain, to consistently deliver superior experience, to its customers. Customer experience becomes an obsession to these organisations and are recognised as role model for many of their customer focused practices.